Core Subjects

We provide tailor-made tuition in English, Maths and Science for all ages (primary, secondary, college and university level). Our tutors come from a variety of backgrounds and range from popular, effective young graduates to experienced, qualified teachers and GCSE examiners.



Our English tutors are passionate about reading, writing and communication – skills that cross over to any subject and any career. Students build foundational skills they don’t have time to work on in school, such as vocabulary building, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Parents find English the hardest to teach. How are children supposed to tackle complex analysis of literature, non-fiction or media texts? What’s the best way to write essays & persuasive articles? Don’t worry – our tutors have these answers and will guide your children to success in English step-by-step.


We are blessed to have a number of Science specialists whose subject knowledge and tutoring experience are second to none. With so many of our students aspiring for careers or further education in science-related fields, it is essential they have tutors who are both subject-matter experts and role-models in terms of their own careers. Our tutors range from popular science teachers to Cambridge graduates so you can be assured that your child will get the best possible support.


In the UK there seems to be a national allergy to maths. So many pupils feel exasperated, behind and demotivated. There is probably no other subject where one-to-one tuition makes such a dramatic improvement in pupils. With Maths, our friendly, knowledgeable and approachable tutors are skilled in putting their students at ease, before guiding them to mastery of key topics. Children soon are making rapid progress as learning is at their pace. Confidence increases, grades go up and maths is no longer a subject to dread!


Understandably, a large proportion of our clients want preparation for high-stakes exams. Our tutors are especially enthusiastic about preparing students for 11+ exams, GCSE, A-level and university modules. We only select tutors who actually received the very highest grades throughout their own education. Our tutors received A*s at GCSE, A’s at A-level and 1st/2nd class honours. They know how to get the best grades and guide your children to similar success.

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Online Tutoring


With advancement in technology there has been an explosion in demand for online tutoring. Using famous, free and easy-to-use services such as Skype or Zoom, students can learn just as effectively from the comfort of their own home. Indeed, with screen share, internet searching, online whiteboard, multiple screens, digital games and rapid text chatting, many students actually find the online lessons better than the in-person ones!

A good example of the power of online tutoring is with a small English class for home-schoolers taught by one of our English tutors. Due to various logistic difficulties, the class switched to online. Remarkably, the students unanimously preferred the online classroom: there was more engagement, fun competitive games and it was so much more convenient to attend. Students from different cities and countries joined the class to further enrich the experience. The same benefits apply to one-to-one lessons – especially when there is quite a distance between the tutor and the client’s home.

Practically all our local tutors are able to tutor online as well.  Send us a message if you’re interested in this service.