Why Tutoring Helps Great and Small


‘But, Dad. I don’t need tutoring!’

1996 was not just the year England almost made the final of the Euros on their home turf (I can almost hear the fans chant, ‘It’s coming home!’). It was the year I had my first private one-to-one tutor.

I was in the top sets for all subjects, a straight A student. Admittedly, I had started to hang out with the wrong crowd (Oasis and Blur Indie-types who shopped at Oxfam and prided themselves on being lazy – it was a bad influence on my studies!) and my grades had slipped to Bs and Cs. I knew I had the ability; I was choosing to work below par. I didn’t need tutoring, I told myself.

But my dad - the archetypal Asian ‘tiger’ parent (anything less than straight As won’t do) -wasn’t about to take any chances.

So I reluctantly started Science and Maths tuition with Mr Thornton, a kind, smiling, white-haired retired teacher. He was so friendly and approachable that my initial reservations turned to relief. It was so useful having an expert on hand each week to answer any of my academic questions. And I had plenty of questions.

Despite being a top-tier student, I occasionally missed lessons due to absence; missed out on a topic as it was the afternoon and I was too sleepy to listen; missed out on an explanation as I was chatting in class (yes, even swats chat when they should be listening). Or I simply didn’t understand a particular topic; didn’t get why a certain question was wrong; wasn’t sure how to answer those complex exam questions that lowered my score by 10%. There were so many GAPS in my knowledge. And I started looking forward to the lessons where lesson-by-lesson these gaps started getting filled.

There was no time in school to carefully go through these topics. There was no way I would have signed up for regular group tutoring. Nothing could compare to the ease of having this friendly, knowledgeable professional come to my home and provide me with one-to-one, personalised support at my own pace.

I got straight As in my Maths, Science and English. Mr Thornton was pivotal in that process. It taught me that it’s not just the struggling students who benefit from tutoring – the high ability can equally benefit. Little did I know then that 20 years later I would be running a boutique tutoring agency sending Mr Thorntons to homes around Leicester. And I take particular pride in the fact that our tutors can stretch any student, no matter what their level. Don’t need a tutor? Every pupil has gaps in their learning – some more than others – and others are ready to advance ahead of their class.

Unlike the chocolate variety, our Thorntons will not spoil your child! Contact HIT now and allow us to introduce you to a friendly, professional tutor who can bring clarity, confidence and completeness to your child’s learning.

Written By Tushar Imdad, Director of HIT.

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