One-to-One Tuition at your home


Are you anxious that your child is not progressing fast enough? Would you like to have a tailor-made service which can offer immediate improvement and long-term progress?

We provide high impact tutors in English, maths and science across Leicester and the East Midlands. Catering for primary, secondary, A-level and undergraduate students, our friendly, motivating tutors provide one-to-one private tuition that guides them step-by-step to breakthrough understanding of their subjects.

We’re not a mere online directory of hundreds of tutors. We’re not going to disappoint your child with group tuition that resembles generic school classes! We won’t stall you with time-consuming ‘free home assessments’ before quoting a cost fit only for the very wealthy. 

Founded in 2008, H.I.T. is a local, specialised agency that will cut to the chase and quickly bring to you a friendly, knowledgeable tutor who will deliver quality one-to-one tuition.

No more frustration in classes where the lesson isn’t geared towards your child. No more shyness in asking the questions needed. Our tutors have the keys to unlock your child’s potential. And it’s beautiful when you see them blossom into confidence.

All our tutors are carefully filtered from hundreds of applicants. After a rigorous selection process, we only choose tutors who demonstrate outstanding academic ability and evidence of one-to-one tutoring skills. They are trained through our unique in-house programme. And they are motivated professionals who are ready to make a high impact on your child’s learning.

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“Thanks to High Impact Tutors, my GCSE English grades flew from Ds to As! My teachers couldn’t believe it and I gained so much confidence that grades in other subjects improved too! HIT also helped me with my college application.”

— N. Idris, Y11


Professional & Affordable Service

Using the industry’s most robust tutoring management software, TutorCruncher, we take away all the stress of payments and administration. You don’t need to worry about getting the right change after the end of each lesson. Just a few minutes to set up your personal account on our unique web portal and payments can be made from your card.

You will receive lesson confirmations and weekly written reports. Professional invoices will be automatically emailed to you after each lesson and you can easily track your credit and payment status. All this convenience – like using Amazon instead of travelling to a bookshop – and yet our professional service is very competitively priced.